How and where to buy cryptocurrency - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The minimum limit for one transaction is EUR 20, the maximum limit is EUR 100,000.

To exchange bitcoins for euros, you need to create an order on our site, enter your bitcoin address and make a payment.

For each cryptocurrency, the price of the cryptocurrency is determined, for which you buy or sell cryptocurrencies from us. Fees for bank transfer, transaction fees and others are listed in the Price List/Limits section. For example, the price for bitcoin on our website is 35,000 euros, and you buy for 1,000 euros, so you buy 0.028571 BTC, from which the transaction fee is deducted. This fee differs from the type of cryptocurrency, which is deducted from the value of your purchased cryptocurrencies.

The fee for incoming or outgoing bank payments is listed in the price list on our website.

Up to the amount of 150 Euros, verification with an identification document is not required. It is necessary to indicate the phone number, email, wallet, bank account of the account holder and to indicate the name and surname in the profile for possible sending to the bank account. In rare and necessary cases, we have the right to identify a transaction up to 150 euros. The bank account must match the name and surname of the account holder. For orders over 150 euros or others, it is necessary to follow the limits indicated on our website.

The credit will be credited as soon as we receive the money in our bank account.

It all depends on when you send the payment to our bank account (because banks don't make bank transfers on holidays and weekends), but it usually takes one to two working days, so we recommend to top up your credit and then do business simply and quickly.

Each customer is assigned a variable symbol on the basis of which we will be able to assign the payment, so it is necessary to indicate the recipient, that is, our company.

You don't need to verify yourself if you buy up to 150 euros, but after placing the order or before you need to register to successfully complete the order, which gives you more options, such as tracking your purchase history, managing your crypto wallets, and much more.

On our website you can find Customer ticket, Chat, Tel. number where you can contact us: MON-FRI 8:30-19:30, SAT-SUN 9:00-18:00