How to verify ?

A few simple clicks for verification .

The best way to verify is to use a mobile phone because of the data upload (document capture and selfie ) . 

To verify use the link : verification.bit­

Press " Confirm " to continue. In the top right corner you can change language.

After clicking on confirm you need to provide  your email . We send you code to confirm that is yours email address and then you can continue.

On the next spet if you are on your PC you will be asked if you want to change to your phone since you will need to take selfies and pictures. So please choose device where you are able to do these operations.

Please choose what resident or live in

Verification your phone number with code you will get after you put you phone number

Choose which one of the identity document you will use .

After choosing a document you need to provide the document to us. You have 2 options how to do it :

1) upload scan of the document ( if you don´t have access to camera )

2) use your camera and take pictures of document ( you can switch to your phone anytime you want during verification)

Then take your selfie. It must be done at time no upload pictures are allowed.

After steps mentioned above our system checks all documents you provide. It may take several minutes 

Now your verification is complete. In case you have any problem during verification feel free to contact you support services and they will help you with verification.